bushwick studio
Studio Specifics

Every single piece of outboard gear has been rebuilt and/or recapped/retubed and performs to spec and in most cases better. All Telefunken gear has been rebuilt by an ex-Telefunken engineer and in every case of tube gear, the s/n ratio is better than spec and all other functions have been optimized. The control room was tuned by using a Meyer Audio SIMS real-time frequency analysis computer and through multiple consultations, most importantly with famed room designer and tuner, Bob Hodas. Bob designs and/or tunes rooms that regularly produce gold and platinum records, as well as grammys. As well, he sits on the panel that chooses the Engineering Grammy Award every year. Bob is very pleased with the room.

The main live room is ~500 sq. ft with reversible paneling on the walls that can alter the sound of the room dramatically in about 10 minutes by varying how much reflection or absorption the walls provide. The floors are concrete with lightweight indoor/outdoor carpeting that can be removed for a brighter more live sound in only a few moments.

The ceilings are thirteen and a half feet high and gabled for better sound diffraction that you'll find, yields a soft spacious quality to the room sound. At its extremes, the room is capable of a huge sound that is both uncharacteristically smooth and live, to an extremely controlled, drier sound that one associates with intimacy.

The studio has a treated room about 100 sq. ft that can be used for everything from a vocal booth to a drum set, with virtually no reverb or room sound added to the source. With 16 mic tie lines in this room nearly any accommodation can be met.

There is another secondary live room approximately 200 sq. feet in size that is very treatable for a wide variety of sounds. This room has twelve feet high ceilings. If further isolation is required, there is a closet for amplifiers off of the main recording space.

All told, the control room has forty microphone tie lines running into the three rooms allowing for total control over a variety of recording situations.