bushwick studio

Condensor Microphones
-Elam 250 (AKG C12 "The Tube" body with NOS CK12 Capsule, proper transformer and ELAM 250 electronics
-Telefunken Elam 251 (x2) (Pair from Telefunken/Decca studios Berlin)
-Neumann U47 (with k47 Capsule)
-Neumann U47 (x2) (Matched pair with PVC M7 Capsules from Capitol Studios)
-Neumann Fet 47i
-Neumann M49 (x3)
-Neumann U67
-Neumann U87ai
-New Telefunken M260 Small Diaphragm tube - omni, hyper-card, card capsules (x2)
-Neumann KM-64
-Neumann KM-254 (x2)
-Neumann CMV-563 (with m7, m8, mk55 capsules)
-AKG C412 (x2)
-AKG C60 (x4) tube mics .... very nice (All have original Ck-28 capsules and I have an original pair of Ck-1 capsules if someone should prefer those.)
-Blue modelled CK12 lolipop capsules for two of the C60 mics (One Pair)
-AKG C28c (Ck-28 capsule)
-Rode NT-II (x2)

Ribbon Microphones
-Royer R121 (x2)
-Coles 4038 (x4)
-Beyer M160 (x2)

Dynamic Microphones
-EV RE-20
-AKG D112
-Beyer M88 (x4)
-Shure SM-7
-Shure Beta 52
-Shure Beta 58
-Sennheiser 441
-Sennheiser 421 (x5)
-Sennheiser 409 (x2)
-sm57 (x4)

Microphone Pre-Amps
-Vintech X81 (x12)
-Daking MicPre/EQ (x2)
-Universal Audio 2-610 tube Mic Pre
-Telefunken V72 (x4 all have rebuilt power supplies, are recapped and modded with adjustable gain - up to 56 db. They have output pad, phantom and phase added as well.)
-Telefunken v76 (x2 Both have rebuilt power supplies, are recapped and phase and phantom have been added.)
-**Telefunken u73 (x4 Tube compressors that have 45 db of gain and can be used just as mic pres without any compression. The amplifier circuitry is almost the same as a v72)

-SR-71 Compressor/limiter (Fairchild remake by Larry Janus. Wonderful.)
-Telefunken u73 (x4 Modded tube units so that all functions have been brought out to the face plate to give complete control over what these gems can do - originals are are limited by rudimentary functions. These are racked in pairs and each have Varicoms added for complete release function control and to allow stereo linking. These compressors used as a stereo pair, with the varicom, was the main mastering compressor used in Europe for many, many years. Compare your European vinyl release to the American release of the same record and hear the difference. Again, all have been rebuilt.)
-Retro 176
-Alan Smart C2
-Chandler Germanium comps (x2)
-DBX 160vu Compressors (x2)
-DBX 163 Compressors (x2)
-Massenburg 8900 compressor Limiter
-Vintech 609CA (stereo/dual mono)
-Daking Compressor/Limiters (x2)
-EMT 261 (x2)
-Purple Audio MC77 (x2)
-LA2A (x2) (These have original old stock UTC HA-100x's)
-LA3A (x2)
-Distressors (x2)

Other Outboard
-Summit 200a EQ
-Manley Massive Passive eq
-Klangfilm tube eq from 50's (x2)

-EMT 140 Stereo Plate (x2!!!)

-Little Labs IBP
-EH Bi-Filter
-Tons of pedals

-Telefunken V71
-Avalon U5 (x2)
-Several others

-HD3 Accel System running on a 2.66Ghz Mac Pro with Intel processor
-(x2) Apogee AD-16x's (32 channels of input)
-(x2) Apogee DA-16x's (32 channels of output)
-Lots of plugins including, EMI, URS, SoundToys etc...

-Custom Console It started it's life as an Allen & Heath Saber 24/16/16 and stock was the same type board used on Soul II Soul's double-platinum album, Keep On Movin. This type board also was used at Parr Street Studios in England for such things as Coldplay's "Yellow" and more. However, this board has been completely rebuilt by John Chester improving Signal to Noise by 30dbu in a worst case scenario and is as quiet or more so than most large frame consoles. The grounding system was scrapped and reconfigured with a "000" gauge copper buss bar being installed. The summing busses were redesgined and the master section was completely redesgned by John utilizing Jenson 990c Op-Amps and Sowter "radio metal" transformers. The input amplifiers were redsigned and as with all of the other mods, the very cutting edge in IC chips - chips that are of such high quality and large expense that no production console manufacturers pay the cost to use them (Focusrite, Euphonix, Amek, or any other manufacturer) - have been implemented.

Telefunken Transformers have been added to the inputs, a new power supply was installed to handle the new current draw of the board - the console is now operating in "Class A"!!!

The Auxes are also all now selectable pre or post. The result of all of these mods is a super clean board that interfaces with the cleanliness of protools and the colour of the outboard gear by getting out of the way!

-A rebuilt Ampex ATR-102 1/2" machine with brand new Flux Magnetics extended Response heads
-Tascam CD-RW402 CD Recorder

-The Main Monitors are the 143 lbs a piece, Klein & Hummel o500C monitors. They are perfect sounding from quiet to loud. Also set up is a Bryston 3B-SST running into a pair of NS-10's. Additionaly, we have a pair of Adams A7's available, either in the control room or in the producers lounge during movie scoring.
-There is a pair of some of the best headphones money can buy - Grado RS-1's - to aid in the referencing of mixes and to help identify issues, these headphones cannot be beaten. Voted as the best dynamic headphones by many reviewers.
For musician foldback we operate the HRM/HDS 16 system by Furman. Every headphone station can dial in its own mix from eight mono sends and four stereo sends giving the musician control of up to 16 tracks. We primarily use Audio Technica ATH-M50's and but also have Sony 7506 headphones, as well as several other types to choose from.

-Drums Set . . . The awesome guys at GMS custom made an amazing kit for us!
-Sizes: 7x10, 8x12, 14x14, 16x16, 18x22
-20's Ludwig snare, nickle-finish Black Beauty, 5x14
-20's Ludwig snare, nickle-finish Black Beauty, 5x15
-20's Ludwig snare, lighter weight-brass shell, 5x14
-20's Gretch snare, three piece wood shell, 4x14 (later strainer and buttplate - kills!)
-20's Leedy, Brass shell, 5.5x14
-1949 Gibson LG-O
-1984 Gibson Custom Shop 335 (blonde)
-Alvarez DY-91 Acoustic Guitar
-'73 Martin D35
-'37 National Resonator
-Late 1800's Parlor Bruno Guitar
-'63 Fender Stratocaster
-Gibson Custom shop 59 Les Paul, Brian Monty modded
-'80 pre-custom shop '52 tele reissue
-Gibson SG
-60's Epiphone Century (Es-125)
-Dan Electro Double Neck (Guitar and Bari Guitar)
-Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway with p-90's
-Jerry Jones Electric Sitar
-'69 Fender P-Bass

-Matchless HC-30
-Mojo Champ
-Marshall JCM800 50 watt (modded by Frank Levi, former Head of R&D at Hiwatt)
-'66 Fender Super Reverb
-'70 Fender Twin Reverb
-'58 Watkins Dominator
-'60's Gibsonette
-Custom one of a kind AC-30/Tweed Twin Combo
-Early 60's Silvertone 1x10 combo
-Mid 60's Guild Thunderbird 1x10 Combo
-Fender Pro Junior
-'65 Klemt Echolette (Marshall JTM-45 but better)
-'70 Klemt Echolette (Marhsall JMP 50 but better)
-'73 Princeton Reverb (with G-10 50 watt celestion)
-Various Speaker Cabinets (4x12's, 2x12's, 1x12)

-1938 Hammond BC3, restored with a rebuilt two speed 31H leslie (BC = extra tone wheels for the chorus. Sooo beautiful. All work done by The Hammond Store.)
-Yamaha UX-3 52" Upright Grand,
-Moog Voyager
-1950's Tube Wurlitzer
-Nord Electro Rack
-Nord Lead 3
-Yamaha PSS 140
-Casio SK-1
-Casio SK-5
-Antique Marxophone

Instrument Effects
-Fuzz Face (x2, one with octavia)
-EH Pog
-Boss CS-2 Compressor
-Analog Man Comprosser
-Analog Man Beano Boost
-Vintage Vox Wah
-Roger Mayer VooDoo Vibe
-Fulltone ChoralFlange
-EH Deluxe Memory Man
-Klon Centuar
-Line 6 Echo Modeler
-Line 6 Filter Synth Modeler
-EH Big Muff
-MXR Phase 90
-EH Small Stone Phaser
-EH Microsynth
-Menatone Red Snapper
-EH Bi-Filter
-EH Double Muff
-And a bunch more